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A Comparison of Stress Levels in General Nursing and BSc Nursing Students from Prominent Nursing Institutes in Indore
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Mrs. Harriot Kumar and Prof.Dr.Maya E Patlia


Individuals under pressure and busy people, such as managers and students, who are expected to maintain standards and meet deadlines, are prone to stress. College students, particularly freshmen, are particularly vulnerable to stress owing to the transitory nature of college life. They have to get used to being away from home for the first time, do well in school, handle a lot of work in a short amount of time, deal with crowded lecture halls, hard learning environments, and a new social scene.According to a previous study, stress affects everyone. This is because everything, good or terrible, can induce stress if it presents us with a challenge. Stress is defined as something that causes one to adjust, adapt, or alter. The majority of the stress literature consistently attests to the fact that life changes or transitions can predispose a person to stress and that both negative and positive events in our lives, such as failing an examination, having problems with roommates, illness in the family, getting married or divorced, being promoted or fired, moving to a new area, or attending university, can produce stress. As a result, life transitions, everyday difficulties, home life, and acculturation-the act of adjusting to and integrating into a new cultural context-have been recognised as sources of stress. If stress affects everyone, it follows that stress affects students, instructors, parents, children, and business people, among others.

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