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Data Mining to Track Suspicious Discussions on Online Forums
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Sheikh Md Zubair Md Zahoor Former Research Scholar, Computer Science, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan, India


Since we all aware, people use the internet to access a variety of social media platforms and other platforms for various purposes. Over networks, massive amounts of data are transmitted. The internet has made online communication and business exceedingly simple and quick. People use the internet for a variety of reasons all across the world. Whereas the internet is utilized for positive purposes, it is sometimes used for harmful or unlawful objectives. These sites are also utilized for a variety of criminal acts such as terrorism, threads, copyright violations, phishing scams, frauds, and spams, among others. Various strategies are being used by law enforcement agencies and departments to address these issues.


Key Words:  Stop word • Stemming algorithm • Suffix & Affix Stemmers • Levenshtein algorithm • Classification • Brute Force Algorithms • SNS • OSMS

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