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Dr.T.Mukilan,Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Social Work, Imayam Arts and Science College, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India.


This research study begins with a background discussion about the women self-help groups in micro enterprise development in Tamilnadu. It moves on to a discussion of a qualitative analysis the impact of SHGs on individual members, family, and community life, changes in skills, knowledge, and attitudes, successful outcomes, and the development of human and social capital. Utilizing these findings, analysis on women SHGs in the promotion of micro enterprises is discussed, suggesting that micro enterprise development is a viable option for poverty alleviation, and community economic development. This research study examines the impacts of Women SHGs in the promotion of micro enterprises in Tamilnadu, specifically, the development of social and human capital through micro enterprise development to work towards poverty alleviation.

Micro enterprise promotion among the very poor requires comprehension of the market dynamics. Markets being highly dynamic in character, enterprises are under constant risk due to relative ease of entry and exit conditions. The study shows that SHGs are still in a state of flux and their sustainable development depends on a number of factors, which are both internal and external to the group. No doubt, SHGs have set a new empowerment agenda for financial intermediation by banks. Further, SHG as a system has infused certain synergy among its members to move up in the socio-economic ladders from passive onlooker into an active partner/stakeholder in the development process. Today, SHGs in India have become a potential tool for the empowerment of women, social solidarity and socio-economic betterment of the poor in their own setting. In this present study the further were briefly described in the full paper.


Key Word: SHG, Women, Micro enterprise, Socio Economic, Empowerment.

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