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A Study to Assess the observe for the seasonal variation in the scrub typhus cases in Selected areas of Indore
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Mr. Hitesh Bhatt and Prof.Dr Rohit Kumar


With its ambiguous clinical symptoms and absence of a definitive diagnostic technique, scrub typhus is commonly misdiagnosed. Fever, rash, and eschar are common symptoms that require test confirmation. Pneumonitis and/or ARDS should be considered differential diagnoses in patients with acute febrile sickness. A thorough search for eschar, especially in hidden areas, is helpful in diagnosis.

Eschar can be found in a small number of patients. The doctor should be informed of the limits of all currently available scrub typhus serological testing. Depending on the endemicster, a cutoff antibody titer of 1:10 to 1:400 is necessary for serological diagnosis.

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