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A Survey on Mathematical Applications in Engineering
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Dr.S.Sahaya Arockia Selvi, Dr.S.Vijaya Lakshmi and Dr.S.Geetha


All engineering makes considerable use of mathematics. This paper will look at some examples of math applications in various engineering fields. The applications are those that can be found in real life, such as in the manufacturing industry, where many mechanical engineers work. While engineering mathematics is a required course in mechanical engineering departments, few students are proficient in it. Many engineering mathematics textbooks do not adequately cover real-world applications; even many engineering mathematics textbooks do not adequately cover real-world applications. Most pupils who have studied mathematics extensively are unable to relate mathematics to other topics that contain a significant amount of maths. It is hoped that this will be the case.




Key Words:  Algebra, Binary, Calculus, Discrete, Statics

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