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Analysis of Composite Material Plate for Tensile and Compression Loading Condition
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Onkar Gosavi, Prashant Jain, Digambar Date and Alimoddin Patel


The analysis of plane composite plate under tensile & Compression loads with simply supported one side and boundary conditions are used to predict the deflection. The composite plate made with mixed layer of glass epoxy & carbon fiber material. In each boundary condition there is one side having fixed support and other end for tensile force & Compressive force. We are using 6 layers and 2 different material of each sample; hence we get 2 type of combination in plate. The adequacy of these modified fracture models were examined by considering the fracture data of specimen made of composite material.The objective function was to minimize cost and weight with the maximization of the stiffness. All plates are study in ANSYS workbench under given loading condition. Find out best of those plates.


Key Words: Composite material, Ansys, Stress analysis, Carbon fibre etc.

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