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Analysis of Worst position of Telecommunication Tower over housing Apartment with Introduction of Outrigger System at Jabalpur City under Earthquake Loading
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Madan Muvel and Rahul Sharma


When the structure has been analysed under the effect of seismic activities, the main thing has been observed that we have only considered the efficient case, we have not considered the worst case. If there will be a provision of telecommunication tower over multistoried building in future and we have the worst location of tower position, we have to do some measures to erect the parametric values and to stable it. In this research, what we did was we actually take total 5 residential apartment building cases of G+19 of different telecommunication tower location. After analysis, we found out the worst case, we have used the outrigger system and erected as discussed in graphical representations in discussion part. In conclusion, parametric result comparison noted down. Overall it is observed that the Case TLA is very efficient among all the cases. Also, we have enhanced the property of worst case TLC which is found by our result and discussion by implementing the outrigger system.


Keywords— Seismic activities, Multistoried Building, Response spectrum method, telecommunication tower

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