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Application for Spectating Cryptocurrency
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Mohamed Nowfal A, Gowtham R, Gokul B


Cryptocurrencies are now a significant part of the financial system. They work on the distributed ledger technology known as blockchain. Due to the rapid nature of their prices, cryptocurrencies are subject to volatility. We therefore considered developing a platform to monitor cryptocurrency performance. The platform will keep tabs on how cryptocurrencies perform and provide data on how the value of cryptocurrencies has changed. The platform was built with some of the most popular programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We also used an API to get the cryptocurrency data. With an appealing UL, the platform we built provides us with insight into the performance of cryptocurrencies. We receive daily updates to the cryptocurrency data, which includes price changes over a week and 24 hours. The valuation of cryptocurrencies is also included in this. The user will have quick and easy access to crypto insights thanks to this platform. We have designed our user interface so that it is simple for the user to navigate through each page without difficulty.


KeywordsCryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Encrypted, Currency, Bitpay, Exchange Rates, Principal Components Analysis, Blockchain.

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