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Bioluminescence A Boon in Medical Technology
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Monisha.N, Blessy Jacob and Dr. Vineeth Chandy


The process through which living things emit visible light is referred to as bioluminescence. Small laboratory animals can now be molecularly imaged using bioluminescence imaging, a potent methodology that has been developed over the past ten years. This allows for the in vivo examination of ongoing biological processes. The in vivo BLI toolbox consists of a list of luciferase compounds that may produce bioluminescent light signals as well as sophisticated and potent instrumentation made to non-invasively detect and measure these light signals as they are emitted from the living subject. Numerous useful uses of novel instruments created by deriving them from the chemistry of naturally occurring light-producing molecules have lately resulted in a related Nobel Prize. Marine species use bioluminescence for a variety of essential processes, including reproduction and defence. To understand these interactions and the distributions of luminous organisms, new instruments and platforms allow observations on individual to oceanographic scales. This technology provides valuable means for monitoring of different biological processes for immunology, oncology, virology and neuroscience. Here, we go through the fundamentals of bioluminescence imaging as well as several applications that are pertinent to the field of medicinal chemistry.

Key Words: Bioluminescence, luciferase, optical-imaging, Pyrearinus termitilluminans (ELuc), immunohistochemical labelling, luminometers.

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