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Blood Bank Management System
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Praveen T, Indraprasath N M, Santhosh T and Mrs Mythili S


Blood donation and blood banking systems are expanding daily in the real world. However, because the blood donor location is out of reach during an emergency, the blood cannot be delivered at the appropriate moment. The proposed solution, a GPS-based Blood Bank System, addresses the issue. Android can be used to construct the mobile application known as GPS based Blood based Bank System. The GPS data of the user's position and the query input are used by this programme to determine the location in the beginning. All of the services are gathered and kept in a database.When a user demands blood, the system determines the GPS values, compares them to the database, and determines the boundary of the GPS values' range. Additionally, the system uses GPS to locate the other user and looks for the necessary Blood group. The donor's present position is shown to the user if the system discovers the appropriate blood group and the donor's GPS readings are roughly identical to those of the user.

Keywords—Smart blood management, GPS, Blood bank, Database, Location.


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