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Blue Brain Technology
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Sabarnika S, Raagul N S, Pooja M and Pratosh S


Human brain, the command centre for the central nervous system controls all the functions of the human body and stores memory whereas Blue Brain, the world’s preliminary virtual machine is the one that may perform as an appropriate application of a synthetic human brain. Through Reverse engineering, cellular level implementation and recreation of the human brain within an entire simulation are often made possible. With technological advancements, humans, the ultimate source of data and discovery are often preserved in order that intelligence is rarely lost. IBM’s blue gene supercomputer allows a quantum jump in the stage of detail at which the brain can be modelled. This technology identifies the fundamental principles of the brain, its functions and capabilities. This review paper consists of detailed information about the comparison of natural and simulated brain, implementation of artificial brain and various steps in creating simulated brain using Artificial Intelligence.


Keywords--Artificial brain, supercomputer, blue gene, nanorobots, virtual machine, brain simulation, artificial intelligence.

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