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“In recent years, wildlife conservation has attracted great public attention. However, substantial distinctions can be found in the prevailing concepts of wildlife conservation, particularly with the recent notion that emphasizes animal rights. Wildlife welfare and wildlife rights are not synonymous, with welfare more compatible with the reasonable and legal utilization of wildlife. This review highlights the major issues about wildlife life extinction, endangerment and conservation. It is necessary to know Current scenario about wildlife protection and conservation at national and international level. Habitat conservation is the key solution to conserve biodiversity. Lot of efforts has been done to encourage forestation and decrease deforestation and practices has been done in many areas. Similarly by discouraging the pet trades, over shooting as well as hunting by applying different banes, marine pollution by different laws and regulations, and public awareness are the main concerns. Wildlife refers to those plants and animal species which live and grow in areas uninhabited by human. It includes all non-domesticated animals & plants including many other organisms & fungi. Wildlife is found in all ecosystems such as forests, plains, grasslands, deserts and all other areas and have a specific and different form of wildlife. But as the human civilizations developed, the domestication of wild animals and plants began for the benefit of human beings and this had a considerable impact on the environment. Due to human activities, many wild animals adapted to the changes in the environment and started to live in a domestic environment along with humans. Examples of such animals are dogs, cats, cows, buffaloes, goats, rodents and a few species of birds etc. As the human activities increased and development took place on a large scale, the wildlife and the ecosystems were seen being affected by it. It was noticed that the exploitation of the wild animals for the benefit of human beings and recreation purposes increased.”

Keywords: Conservation, biodiversity, habitat Wildlife, Civilization, Domestication, Recreation, Exploitation

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