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Capital budgeting decision of small entrepreneurs in Haryana
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Nivesh Kumar


the objective of this research paper is to review tend show that how small scall enterprise's investment. This is very important to understand that how the small-scale enterprises take the relevant decision related to the capital budgeting decision. this research paper helps the understand and in this a comprehensive survey that examines in detail various aspects of small enterprises investment practices. this research paper includes primary and secondary data that help us to understand the small enterprises position in Haryana. primary dada was obtained from employees of individual firms using questionnaire and interview in the secondary data were obtained from financial reports, govt, data and published data of the same firm. we are observer that in now days Indian small enterprises passion is very good but it's not well as compare to the large-scale enterprises. in now days, Indian economy, business environment, inflation, demand, supply, taste and preference, interest rate, competition and unexpected risk is very high so al the enterprise need to take the best decision related to the capital budgeting because a wrong decision is the cause of the business close. In the firm capital budgeting decision is very important for the firm growth. In the market have many options available so we need to select a best option and take the best decision. we need to analysis and after that take the suitable decision about the capital budgeting decision. that is most risky in the small-scale enterprise's because they haven't too much money and they have invested only few projects so they need to invest their limited money and get the maximum output. research paper tells that the link between the society and the enterprises. every firm take the decision according to their business size, money, level of the firm, growth rate, capital structure, and so on. we are finding the data with the help of the interview, questionnaire and companies' secondary data all the result show that all the bigger company use the IRR technique, while all the small-scale enterprises use NPV. but they have common thing all the enterprise evaluate the future result and what the output they get soon.

Nature of small-scale enterprise's, effect of  the company, position of Indian companies, data and reports of the Haryana companies.

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