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Career Guidance A Way to Lead
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Kowsalya E, Ragul S, Surya D and Jai Adithiya K


helping product markets work and education systems to meet their goals. Because the choice of a career is undeniably one of the most crucial decisions one makes in life. The irony is that such an important decision is often made quite early in the life of an individual and is sometimes made without giving much thought to it. A career should be chosen with utmost care, thought, and planning. Individual have different innate capacities and abilities and hence aptitudes for different kind of work. The purpose of Career Guidance is to match the individuals and the occupation optimally for mutual benefits. It also promotes equity. Recent evidence suggests that social mobility relies on wider acquisition not just of knowledge and skills, but also understanding how to use them. In this context, the mission of career guidance is very vast, to become part of lifelong learning. In this paper, we become to know about the needs and importance of Career Guidance and its proper implementation. And we know how to improve C.G for making children’s beautiful life as well as for all of us. But today in some places of our country this service is already started and adapted, departing from a traditional model of occupational interviewing students about to leave school.

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