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Challenges of E Resources and Services for Effective Service Output in University Libraries in India
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Technology has brought radical transformation on the way academic libraries operate, digital information resource and services has tremendously transformed information handling and management in all spheres of human Endeavour including university library services. This study has carefully looked at the concepts of digital information resources and services, university library, the imperative for the use of digital resources by university libraries and study investigated the various challenges hampering the effective use of resources by university libraries in India. The findings are poor funding to provide modern ICT facilities and internet connectivity, power supply inadequate power supply without electricity the aim of digital information resources will be defatted and ICT Illiteracy majority of the staff and students are computer illiterate. Finally the study recommended that the government should show more commitment to the development of ICT base in the country by making available ICT grants to our universities, the universities should organize ICT training for students and library staff through workshop, seminars, conferences and orientations, provision of adequate power supply such as standby generator recommended as the way forward towards enhancing effective services.    

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