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Chemical Gas Leakage Detector
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Gas or smoke leakage in household or industrial area causes many health issues and sometimes even put to death. Thus, to prevent such disaster happens the atmosphere of a work place should be regularly monitored and controlled in order to maintain the clean air environment. However, efforts in Industrial air quality control have been impeded by the lack of science-based approaches to identify the atmosphere Air quality and level of dangerous gas. Therefore, a monitoring system should be developed. The existing system provides an alarm system mainly meant to detect gas leakage using devices. In any industry a large fraction of the work is repetitive and judicious application of automation will most certainly result in optimum utilization of machine and man power. Robots play a vital role. They are mostly used to perform “pick and place” actions and this artificially intelligent robot developed to detect smoke/gas, fire, temperature, humidity by using some sensors. The aim of this proposed project is to automatically detect and stop gas leakage in various vulnerable premises. Even there is rapid development in technology which influencing the human life in several aspects due to rapid development in different fields, but we still need to adopt the technology such that we can make human life easier to live peacefully.

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