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Competency in Numbers and Number Sense of Selected Senior High School Learners
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IRENE C. DAMASO, MAT College of Arts and Sciences, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology Cabanatuan City 3100, Philippines


Number sense entails efficient strategies and the ability to think flexibly in numbers and number operations and flexible thinking ability, and the propensity to make sound mathematical judgments. This study aimed to look into learners' abilities to solve number sense problems. The responses and strategies of the learners were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. First, the correctness of the participants' responses was determined. The researcher personally administered the Mathematics Competency Test in a public school for pilot testing to determine its reliability and validity. After which, the said test was simultaneously administered to 320 learners by General Mathematics teachers in selected public and private schools.


Key Words:  Competency, Number, Number Sense, Mathematics

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