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Customer perception and attitude towards NIKE Brand
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PAVAN KUMAR S Student (1DA20BA029) Department of MBA Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Bangalore 560056, Karnataka, India.


This study helps to understand the brand loyalty towards NIKE products, know how much awareness does NIKE brand impacted, to anlayse the factor influencing on purchase, to determine the level of satisfaction of costumers towards NIKE brand, to assess the loyalty of consumer while purchasing NIKE products. NIKE is a market leader in their group and NIKE as an most loyal customers who preferred to buy NIKE products more regular basis and the customers are willing to recommend the products to others and NIKE as an advantage on rivals as they have good word of mouth through consumer. For an apparel or footwear firm, developing this kind of customer devotion is exceedingly challenging. Nike excels at many different aspects, like producing stylish, high-quality shoes, creating professional or fashionable clothing, supporting several sports teams, and generating enormous amounts of revenue.. Nike is the market leader in sports equipment because to its innovative branding techniques. The research design which is used in this study is descriptive method through structured questionnaire, online survey conducted through Google forms. And the sample size for this study is 100 respondents with help of the statistical tool used in the study are Anova to analyse the data. This study helps to know which age group, income class gender are more likely to buy NIKE products and to know how which NIKE products are preferred by the customers.

Keywords: Brand awareness, customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, NIKE.

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