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Design And Development Of Smart Hospital Management And Location Tracking System For People Using Internet Of Things
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Sakthikumar. B, Ramalingam. S, Deepthisre. G and Nandhini .T


The nearest hospital for emergency patients can be found using our app. This yields quicker and more precise outcomes. Therefore, our primary objective is to create an Android app with "emergency medical." In day-to-day life, it is noticed that people are facing difficulties in locating the nearest hospital with the availability of doctors during emergencies or accidents. In those situations, people get frustrated in search of hospitals with the availability of doctors near them. To overcome this circumstance, we have designed and developed intelligent healthcare hospital management, such as cloud computing, the Internet of things (IoT), Global positioning system(GPS), and mobile applications. Our project helps the public to know doctors' availability near their locality. A mobile application that tracks the availability of doctors nearby the user's locality in times of emergency. After tracking the nearby hospital, if there is a need for an ambulance service, we can approach and track the ambulance through the proposed mobile application using IoT. We can send the patient's condition to the hospital management through text message before reaching the hospital using IoT so that the hospital can make the necessary arrangements. Our app also suggests a specific hospital for a specific ailment. Our mobile application receives data from biometrics available in hospitals for attendance. With the help of those data, users will receive information regarding the doctor's availability. In the absence of biometric information, we can track the availability with the help of text information given by the respective doctors regarding their presence. The primary motto of our project is to avoid people wasting time in search of hospitals with the availability of doctors.



Keywords— Internet of Things, GPS, Nearest hospital, Android App and Cloud.

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