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Determination of Monosaccharides In Uttapam from Different Local Eateries
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Ruchi Rohidas Rathod (Rajput) M. Sc. Biotechnology (Student) in University of Mumbai


Now days, we are consuming the different types of fast food in our day to day life due to our busy schedule, which contain the high or low sucrose in it which may affect the health of the people having diabetes. Here, we are estimated the amount of the Glucose from the Uttapam samples from three different eateries. For this estimation of glucose we used the DNSA method, in which the acid hydrolysis of sample was done. After the sample was cooled down the stock solution, DNSA reagent and distilled water was added stepwise and then optical density was observed at 530 nm by using colorimeter. After successful estimation of the glucose from the sample we observed the amount of sugar in all three samples, the percentage of sugar found in each sample are 3.90%, 16.37% and 18.67% respectively. As we observed the all three samples from three different eateries; the amount of sugar found in sample A, B and C are 2.42, 10.38 and 34.42 gm/serving respectively. From this we can conclude that the sample C contain more amount of glucose concentration of glucose in the body.


Determination, Monosaccharide, Uttapam, GI (Glycemic Index), Polysaccharides and Oligosaccharide

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