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E Farming Portal
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Samuthira T, Gunadharshini C and Madhushree S


Farming is the Prime Occupation in India, today the people involved in farming belongs to the lower class and is in deep poverty. When it comes to farming, the advanced methods and automated machines that are propelling the world to new heights have lagged behind. Either people are unaware of the advanced facilities or they are unavailable, resulting in poverty. In today's market, farmers are cheated by agents, leading to poverty despite all the hard work and production they put in. Agro-marketing would automate everything, making it easier to find a solution to all problems. E-Farming portal is an online portal or website to order a product through online. It consists of two applications namely, user and the admin application. User can able to buy the products directly without any intermediators from farmers where they can sell their products or goods through online. This site will guide the farmers in all the aspects such as the current market rate of different products, the total sale and the earned profit for the sold products, access to the new farming techniques through E- learning and centralized approach to view different government’s agriculture schemes including the compensation schemes for farming. It also helps to provides employment opportunities for rural people.


Keywords: Admin and User Application, Angular, Spring Boot, Spring JDBC, MySQL.

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