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Mr.S.Aravind Kumar Dr.C.Gnanaprakasam and Dr.B.Velmurugan


Employee retention is one of the most pressing concerns facing businesses today. For corporate leaders, staff retention is a major concern because of a lack of skilled labor, economic development, and employee turnover. When it comes to employee retention, many companies are unable to pinpoint their employee’s inner motivators. One of the main reasons for this is because “individual differ substantially in this regard”. As talented management system has grown in prominence in recent years, employee retention has become an increasingly important topic for HR practitioners may become over whelmed. Retaining a workforce is more than just keeping personnel on the payroll. Employee retention and engagement are also important aspects of this strategy. It is the purpose of this study to examine why employees leave their jobs and what can be done to keep them, as well as the most important variables of employee retention. Primary data collection is done using employee’s perception of employees. The findings reveal that keeping the finest staff is a major difficulty when it comes to managing personnel. It’s not just finding the perfect person for the right position that’s a struggle; it’s also keeping them on board. According to the findings, HR Practices must be incorporated into strategy formulation. Employee retention policies will be shared based on the findings of this study.

Keywords: Employee retention, Job Satisfaction, Organizational workforce, Cultural diversity

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