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Traymbkeshwar Pathak and Nitesh Rane


Due to rapid growth in infrastructure sector (i.e. communication, transport, road and rail networks, etc.), demand of energy is rising enormously and more than 20 -30 persent demand is satisfied by non- conventional energy sources. Renewable or non-conventional energy sources are essential for the sustainable development, have many advantages over conventional energy sources like availability, environment friendly, etc. But the most important difficulty is the uneven generation of energy. Therefore, trustworthy and affordable energy storage system becomes a prerequisite for using renewable energy. Energy storage systems play pivotal role towards smooth and continuous energy supply. Energy storage system holds the generated energy for a short time and supplied it according to need. Therefore, energy storage system is the most capable technology to meet the rising demand of energy. A device that accumulates energy is sometimes termed as an accumulator. There are various energy storage systems. Paper presents brief overview of various energy storage systems. Many researches come on the conclusion that renewable energy sources are the only option for sustainable development and appropriate energy storage systems are the prerequisite. They have feature to store the energy and then release as and when required. Rapidly rising demand of energy, fast depleting and limited stock of fossil fuels, their serious environmental issues compel to shift towards to more use of renewable energy sources. There are some critical issues while using renewable energy sources like reliability, quality, etc. Energy storage systems have the capability to solve the problems up to some extent towards smooth and continuous energy supply.


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