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Event Management Application
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Kaaviyasri M, Harshitha N, Naveenraj R,


The purpose of this essay is to explore the services that will guarantee excellence in event management procedures. Today social networks and services are one of the most important parts of our everyday life. Most of the daily activities, such as communicating with friends, reading news or dating is usually done using social networks. However, there are activities for which social networks do not yet provide adequate support. This paper focuses on event management. The main objective of this service is to provide users with the possibility to create any event they desire and to invite other users. The study's data came from both primary and secondary data sources (observations, internet resources, and visual media). This application supports the creation and management of events like technical and non- technical events. Here we discuss the project architecture as well as the detailed implementation of the case life cycle.



Keywords: Event management, case life cycle, events

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