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Experimental Investigations on Bricks Manufacturing using RMC Partial Replacement
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BragadeeswaranT,Dhanasekaran S B, Karthi V, Mansoor Ali MD and Sasikumar K


              In this project work has been made to study the behavior of brick by taking proportionsof RMC Waste, Cement, Lime, and Clay. In this project work six mix materials as RMC Waste, Cement, Lime, Clay are taken by following percentages 60, 10, 18 and 12% .  After casting the bricks are allowed to tests Compressive Strength Test, Water Absorption Test was performed for the RMC waste bricks. In the current study, hoe planning and truck / mixer based waste amounts one meter cube (RMC) can be determined was presented. Towards this aim, the formation process of the fresh RMC waste in construction project was first introduced in a detailed manner, together with an in depth literature review in this specific domain of the construction engineering and management. Then, the measurement procedure of the waste amount or coefficient of the Fresh   RMC was revealed and discuss as a practical and creative planning knowledge.Hence, the useful and realistic waste    management perspective about the cost and potential environmental savings of RMC waste was drawn. The compressive strength of rubberized concrete can be increased by adding some amount of silica /to it.The ready mix waste is a promising material in the construction industry and the sole reason for this is the lightweight of the resulting concrete.

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