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Eye Directive Wheelchair
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The Eye-Directive Wheelchair is a mobility aid for individuals with moderate/severe physical disabilities or chronic illnesses, as well as the elderly. There are a variety of wheelchair interfaces on the market, but they are still underutilized due to the skill, strength, and mental power required to operate them. The proposed model is a possible alternative. This model uses an optical eye tracking system to control a power wheelchair. The user's eye movements are translated into screen positions using an optical eye-tracking system without direct contact. When the user looks at the proper angle, the computer input system sends commands to the software based on the angle of rotation of the pupil. H. When the user moves the eyeball left (move left), right (move right), or straight (move forward). Otherwise the wheelchair will stop. Obstacle detection sensors are also connected to her Arduino to provide the necessary feedback for proper wheelchair operation and to ensure user safety. Wheelchair mounted motors support differential steering to avoid jerky movements. The wheelchair is also equipped with joystick controls that allow safe movement when the eye is tired and a safety stop button that allows the user to stop the wheelchair at will.


Keywords: Eye directive wheelchair, Arduino, Sensor.

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