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Sujith M , Siddiq kesavan S and Guru prasadh M


Globally distributed cloud data centers are the primary means of achieving data storage and service delivery. Nonetheless, data centers are vulnerable to failure threats brought on by calamities like disc failure. Ensuring fault tolerance is crucial for cloud computing systems to ensure dependability and availability. Additionally, data backup and recovery are critical concerns, with the demand for effective data recovery approaches growing daily. Users are starting to choose cloud backup as their method of supporting catastrophe recovery. Thus, cloud data centers that are disaster-resistant are anticipated. Using early warning time, an emergency protection plan that combines data backup and service transfer is suggested. VirtualBox is used in data recovery approaches to recover data from the HAEdge when the server is unable to supply it to users or if it has been lost due to various types of problems. This project combined HAEdge with VirtualBox local storage devices to put up a flexible data backup system. The findings demonstrate that enabling users to access backups from any platform or device with web browsing capabilities can help accomplish the goal of an ideal recovery time. Additionally, each client may achieve a high level of integrity, reducing the likelihood of data loss or financial record exposure to an attacker. Keyword: Cloud, DataCenter, DataBase, HAEdge, VirtualBox, Backup System. 

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