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Dr.B.Mahadevan and Dr.K.Kannadasan


Tribes are found in almost all states of the country except Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. The tribe is a social division in a society consisting and tied with close social, political, economic and blood ties or relationship forming a small homogenous group with a common culture and dialect. The tribal community is the most economically backward and vulnerable population in the country. Their backwardness is furthermore complicated by their poor health indicators and status. Health is an important factor in social development. It seems that the fruits and benefits of development have not reached to this section of the society properly. The health condition of tribal community is in a state of a great grave and pathetic situation despite the govt’s great efforts and concern for this underdeveloped section of the society. The present paper is a review of available literature on the condition and status of tribal health in India. A systematic review is done to understand the status of the health of tribal communities at large. It is revealed from the review of literature that tribe and their health status is very miserable and need a systematic policy intervention to revive and cure the health condition of the most vulnerable population.

Keywords: Tribes, Vulnerable, Health status, Homogenous group, Community.

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