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IOT Water Pollution Monitoring Using Machine Learning Algorithms
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Ravikiran R, Pranesh RR, Navaneethakrishnan S


Improving technological advancements with the help of modern and effective devices have a great scope. This Project helps the Human beings monitor over the Water pollution in the water bodies like Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs. As the pollution problems threatening the source of our drinking water such as the river become increasingly worrisome, people lose their confidence in the quality of the drinking water provided by the local water company. In addition, people's anxiety about the quality of their drinking water is further aggravated by the fact that the conditions of the water supplying pipes and reservoirs are often found to be unsatisfactory. Being able to track the real quantity of water contamination is the first step in controlling it. By measuring the pH value and Turbidity value we will be able to measure the Water pollution and give the water quality condition.

Keywords: pH sensor, Turbidity Sensor, Water Quality, RC Boat, RF Transmission


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