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IoT Driven Roof Support Management in Underground Mining: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency
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Haripranesh D, Gopinath P, Bharath Kumar R and Arulmurugan L


The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in underground mining operations has emerged as a transformative approach, particularly in the context of enhancing safety and efficiency in roof support systems. This project delves into the deployment of IoT for sensing, monitoring, and predictive analysis of underground mine roof support. In underground mining, the stability of the roof structure is of paramount importance. The utilization of IoT-enabled sensors embedded in the roof allows for real-time data collection regarding critical structural aspects, including strain, displacement, and potential instabilities. These sensors establish a continuous monitoring system, feeding data to sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models for predictive analysis. This analysis aids in the early detection of vulnerabilities or potential failures in the roof support, enabling proactive maintenance measures to be taken. Keywords: IoT, underground mining, roof support, sensors, monitoring, predictive analysis, safety, data analytics

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