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IoT based Patient Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
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ABISHEIK JEROME .S, Dhivyaa M, Dharanesh RG and Anusree S


Technology plays the foremost role in healthcare not only for sensory devices but also in communication and recording. It is vital to observe varied medical parameters under post operational days. So the most recent development in healthcare communication methodology is customized to serve even in remote areas by the term IoT, which plays a catalyst for the healthcare and plays distinguished role in many applications. In this paper, microcontroller is used as a gateway for communication. This system puts forward a wise patient fetal health monitoring system that uses sensors to trace patient health and uses internet to intimate their relatives or concerned doctors in case of any emergency. The controller is additionally connected with a buzzer to alert the caretaker regarding variation in detector output. In addition, to trace the status of the heart rate the controller is interfaced with LCD display furthermore as wireless local area network association so as to transmit alerts. If the system detects any changes in patient pulse rate or BP, the system automatically sends an alert to the doctor regarding the patient status over IoT and additionally shows the details of temperature of patient, live over the cloud. So IoT based patient health monitoring system effectively uses internet to watch patient health status and save lives on time. For this reason fast conditional medication may be simply done by this technique. This system is easy to setup and is capable of high performance and time to time response.



Keywords— healthcare communication, IoT, Patient Fetal Heart Rate monitoring system

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