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Iot Based Air Pollution Monitoring System
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Devi Gayathri.S, Alamelu.N, Anuchiyadevi.K and Arthi.M


Air pollution is one of the biggest threats to the present-day environment. Everyone is being affected by air pollution day by day including humans, animals, crops, cities, forests and aquatic ecosystems. Besides that, it should be controlled at a certain level to prevent the increasing rate of global warming. This project aims to design an IOT-based air pollution monitoring system using the internet from anywhere using a computer or mobile to monitor the air quality of the surroundings and environment. The IOT-based air pollution monitoring system would not only help us to monitor the air quality but also be able to send alert signals whenever the air quality deteriorates and goes down beyond a certain level.


Keywords— NodeMCU V3 , DHT11 Sensor Module , MQ 135Gas Sensor Module,LED,ThinkSpeak Cloud , ArduinoIDE.

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