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Mattering, Marginality and a Sense of Belonging in Colleges of Education in Ghana: A Comparative Analysis of Male and Female Teacher Trainees in the College Environment.
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Clement Kantam Kolamong, Fred Edinam Degboe, Patrick Eshun, Seth Asare and Gifty Nordzi


This comparative analysis delves into the constructs of mattering, marginality, and sense of belonging among male and female teacher trainees within Colleges of Education in Ghana. Drawing upon established psychological frameworks, the study examines how perceptions of significance, inclusion, and acceptance vary between genders within the college environment. Through a descriptive survey design and rigorous data collection process, the study elucidates nuanced disparities in mattering and marginality experiences, particularly highlighting the heightened sense of marginalization reported by female trainees. However, contrary to some expectations, no significant gender differences were found in the sense of belonging among teacher trainees. These findings underscore the complex interplay of societal norms, institutional dynamics, and individual experiences shaping the educational landscape. By shedding light on these dynamics, the study advocates for targeted interventions to promote inclusivity, equity, and excellence within Ghana's teacher education system. Ultimately, fostering supportive environments and challenging gender norms are crucial steps toward creating a more inclusive educational experience for all trainees, thereby enhancing the quality and diversity of Ghana's future educators.

Key words: mattering, marginality, sense of belonging, gender, teacher trainee

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