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Mobile Communication Device for the Visually Challenged People
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Blind people face numerous obstacles on a daily basis. Blind people must rely on others to carry out their daily activities. Communication is an essential part of everyone’s life. Nowadays, long distance communication is made easy by electronic devices. The usage of mobile phones is rapidly increasing. Vast amount of technological growth is happening in this recent era. Despite all these advances in the communication field, the visually impaired people have less access to these technologies. In this paper, we are going to present a solution for blind stick navigation with app notification. This study describes the design, development, and testing of an IoT-enabled smart stick that can identify and alert users to potential hazards so they can travel outside. Energy efficiency, portability, stability, and ease of use access, and robust features are all guaranteed by the entire design.


Keywords – Smart Stick, Embedded Systems, Android App, IOT.

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