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Novel Compact MIMO Antenna for 5G Communication
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The swift advancement in wireless communication technologies, specifically the onset of 5G communication, requires small yet more efficient Multiple Input Multiple Output Antenna  to fulfill the rising need for high data transfer speed, reliability, high throughput, support the increased bandwidth requirements and  ensuring that the size, weight of the antenna is minimized and number of antenna is also reduced. Demand for 5G communication is very high. So, new technologies are introduced such as array antennas, MIMO antennas etc…Hence,  a new compact MIMO antenna configuration, with two different elements is proposed for 5G communication. The first element of this MIMO antenna is a T‐shaped microstrip monopole antenna which is fed by a microstrip line and the square patch is the second element of the antenna which is also fed by a microstrip line. Generally, industries have divided the 5G frequency band into two categories, that is mm-Wave band and Sub-6 GHz band. This mm-Wave band includes frequencies above 24 GHz and extends up to 100 GHz  and the Sub-6 GHz band includes frequencies below 6 GHz. This optimized antenna generates different multiband frequencies in the Sub-6 frequency band to transmit particular data over the air. This antenna should be designed in such a way that it should possess a high directivity, and low interference and low voltage standing wave ratio value.


Keywords - CadFeko tool, 5G communication, MIMO Antenna, Network, Sub - 6 frequency band.

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