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Novel approach for areca nut harvester
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Sanjay K, Ram Kumar S, Sandeeprajkumar S


There have been many improvements and advancements in the field of agriculture in recent years, but sadly, when the ratios are compared, large farmers always earn more than small farmers. Focus on growth. This corresponds to the growth of large farmers in the agricultural sector in the cultivation of palm trees. Palm trees typically grow in a small area and take about 3 to 4 years to produce fruit. The total investment is based on the crop, the cost and machinery to harvest the nuts is huge, and the smallholder farmers have a lot of trouble, which leads to losses.Also, palm tree tops Harvesting from the vine may result in a loss of yield as all the berries will scatter and fall to the ground.
We wanted to develop a product that farmers could operate, use, and handle, and we also focused on ensuring that harvested nuts could be safely landed from the tops of palm trees. The product works entirely on a mechanical concept and was developed with mechanical connections. It is now manually operated. It will be automated in the future. This product reduces harvesting costs and increases profits for small farmers to grow rations like large farmers. This will revolutionize the field of crop harvesting and help many farmers get out of bad times and into good times.


Keywords— - Arecanut harvester, Tree climbing machine, etc

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