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Oxidative stress cataract enhancer
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Sheetu, Manish Kumar, Mohit Dadwal, Sahil Saini and Shankar Dev Thakur


In many countries, cataract is the leading cause of blindness. This review article focuses on oxidative stress that leads to cataract formation. In cases of hyperglycaemia, superoxides of the mitochondria are elevated mainly by age, but also in cases of diabetes. There are different factors that leads to activation of free radicle and enhance the formation of cataract like oxidation imbalance, stress signalling, protein kinase pathway, lipid peroxidation, lens epithelial cell apoptosis. Additionally, this article includes synthetic and herbal anti-cataractous drugs that helps in preventing the formation of cataract.


Cataract, Cataractogenesis, Oxidative stress, Oxidation, Glutathione, Aldose reductase

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