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Sakty K V, Divyajothy V, Ashfa Nihar J,


The goal of this essay is to investigate the services that will ensure that the passport application process is done to the highest standard. In order to provide for the requirements of the community, government services can be enhanced by advances in science and communication technology. An examination of e- government could offer a method for gauging the quality of governmental services. The purpose of this study is to ascertain the relationship between these factors and their impact on India's e- government service quality. The Indian government is represented through the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). It provides services such new passport applications, passport renewals, passport verifications, and modifications to the information on an existing passport. MEA wants to automate the process by building PEGA 8.7 application. At a high level and with the initial phase I release, this application will allow user to login with a guest operator to apply for the passport, allow interviewer to review the application, Allow the manager to do the final review of the application, Send the request to the dispatch department once passport application is approved.




Keywords: PassportApplication , case life cycle, interview


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