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Sowmmiya S and Manthra N


The project aims to explore various printing methods utilizing non-PVC dyes and silicone dyes known for their environmental friendliness. This initiative seeks to mitigate the ecological impact of traditional printing processes while exploring innovative avenues in garment decoration. The printing methods encompass a diverse range including screen printing, high-density printing, foil printing, gel printing, foam printing, sticker printing, and crack printing. Each method offers unique characteristics and aesthetic possibilities, contributing to a comprehensive exploration of sustainable and creative printing techniques with textures. In addition to the printing methods, the project focuses on designing t-shirts with abstract themes. The abstract concepts draw inspiration from a spectrum of styles, including unstructured, surreal, geometric, non-figurative, and abstruse forms. This multidimensional approach to abstract design enables the exploration of diverse artistic expressions, fostering creativity and pushing boundaries in garment design. The project aims to achieve a harmonious blend of sustainability and creativity by combining environmentally friendly printing materials with abstract design concepts. Furthermore, it aims to inspire industry-wide adoption of eco-friendly practices while demonstrating the aesthetic richness of abstract design in contemporary fashion. Overall, this project serves as a testament to the possibilities of merging sustainability with artistic innovation in textile printing and garment design.

Key Words: Non- PVC dye, Abstract art, Sustainability, Combining multiple printing methods.

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