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Parenting Stress and Coping Mechanisms of Parents of Children with Special Needs
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Eloisa C. Gabriel , Maricar H. Sison,Ph.D.


This study aimed to determine the Parenting stress and coping mechanisms of parents of children with special needs in a private Special School at Gapan City, Nueva Ecija . Descriptive method was utilized using a survey questionnaire adopted from the study of Berry, J. O., & Jones, W. H. (1995) and Cauda-Laufer (2017). In determining the profiles of demographic variables(sex, civil status , age and monthly income ) , parental stress and coping mechanisms , Frequencies-Percentage was used. Descriptive statistics was also utilized to describe and determine the respondents in terms of their parental stress and coping mechanisms. .According to research findings, Majority of the respondents moderately agree” on the different stress situations they encountered and moderately agree on the various coping techniques they use to ease the stress they encounter when dealing with their children with special needs .It is recommended that the local government units establish a free therapy center for children with special needs. A support group should be organized to provide intervention programs for counseling and educating the parents. Key Words: Stress, Coping Mechanisms, Children with special needs

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