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QoS Aware Routing Based on Bandwidth Estimation for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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Sampoornam K P , Yashwanth A and Sathana R


Routing techniques for mobile networks (MANETs) have been extensively researched in recent years. Most of these tasks involve finding the most feasible route from source to destination without considering existing network traffic or application requirements. Therefore, the network can be easily overloaded with too much traffic and there is no way to apply to improve its performance in terms of network traffic. This may be acceptable for data transfer, but many real-time applications require quality of service (QoS) support in the network. We believe that QoS support can be achieved by finding a route that meets the application's requirements or by providing network feedback to the application if the requirements cannot be met. We propose a QoS-aware routing protocol that integrates an access control scheme and a feedback scheme to meet the QoS requirements of real-time applications. What's new about this QoS-aware routing protocol is that it uses bandwidth estimates to react to network traffic. Our approach implements this concept by using two bandwidth estimation methods to find the remaining bandwidth available to each node to support new flows. It models a QoS-compliant routing protocol for nodes handling IEEE 802.11 medium access control. Experimental results show that compared with routing protocols that do not support QoS, the packet delivery ratio is significantly increased, packet delay and capacity loss are significantly reduced, but not the end-to-end implementation. Index Terms : router, mobile network ( MANET), quality of service (QoS) intelligent routing.. 

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