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Quality of life of children with Cerebral palsy An observational study
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Mr. Dhanraj Babu and Dr.Anu V Kumar


Mobility and posture abnormalities that restrict activities and are related to non-progressive anomalies in the foetal or newborn brain are what set cerebral palsy apart from other conditions that cause similar symptoms. Disorders of the senses and the brain, difficulties communicating and perceiving, changes in behaviour, and/or seizure activity are commonly co-occurring with motor dysfunction. According to the authors who were listed above, some manifestations of CP may be more noticeable or problematic at other stages of a child's development, whilst other manifestations of CP may be more noticeable or problematic during other phases of a person's life or at specific periods.In spite of receiving medical treatment and rehabilitation, these children's functioning, motor skills, health, and quality of life may all be negatively impacted by the numerous motor constraints.

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