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Recent Trends in Novel Marine Pharmaceuticals an Overview
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Simra Naisha, Blessy Jacob and Dr. Vineeth Chandy


The growing burden of disease and treatment failures drive the need for new drug discovery. The potential exploitation of natural resources across land and water paves the way for future major innovations in drug discovery. The marine biosphere is the largest on earth and is home to a vast array of organisms. Inhabited. Living conditions are fundamentally different from the terrestrial environment. The production of certain secondary metabolites is vital for adaptive mechanism for marine organisms to survive in the sea. These metabolites have interesting biological activities as potential pharmaceuticals for humans. It also provides ecological resources including various aquatic plants and animals.

Drugs of diverse resource from marine environment aids to combat major diseases such as malaria or cancer.  These aquatic organisms have been studied for their antibacterial, immuno-modulatory, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antibacterial, Neuro-protective, analgesic, and anti-malarial properties. They are widely used worldwide for the development of new drugs. The marine environment, with its scaffolding with remarkable features, has fascinated scientists and generated a great deal of interest in searching for new compounds. Sponges, algae, tunicates, sea whips, etc. from marine pipelines are important sources of biological agents. Recent technological advances have further expanded the field of drug discovery in the isolation and evaluation of marine-derived products

Keywords:Ecological Resources, Innovations, Terrestrial, Technological Advances.

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