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Rise of the Dalits: Identity and Power in Karnataka Politics
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The rise of Dalit political mobilization and identity politics has become a prominent feature of social and political discussions in present-day India. This comparative research seeks to investigate the political mobilization and identity politics of the Dalit community in the state of Karnataka. It intends to examine the influences and effects of these phenomena on the socio-political environment. The presentation starts by offering a concise overview of the historical marginalization and persecution experienced by Dalits in India. Subsequently, the attention shifts to Karnataka, where the Dalit movement has experienced a surge in strength in recent years. The paper assesses the several elements that have led to the mobilization of Dalit politics, encompassing societal disparities, caste-based prejudice, and movements advocating for social justice. Utilizing a comparative approach, the study also investigates the involvement of political parties in Karnataka in the process of mobilizing Dalit political support. This text examines the acknowledgment by political parties of the significance of Dalit support as a determining element in elections, and their endeavors to incorporate Dalits into the political sphere. Furthermore, the article examines the tactics utilized by Dalit leaders and activists to establish a distinct position for themselves in the political arena, and also explores the effects of reservation rules on the representation and empowerment of Dalits. Moreover, the paper explores the occurrence of identity politics within the Dalit movement in Karnataka. The text delves into the construction of Dalit identity.

Keywords: 1. Dalit, 2. Political mobilization .3. Identity politics, 4. Karnataka,5. Social inequalities, 6. Caste-based discrimination,7. Reservation policies,8. Intersectionality

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