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Balasubramaniam P, Kiruthikashree K and Thamaraikannan M


An organisation manages its relationships with consumers using a system called customer relationship management, which often involves studying a lot of data through data analysis. For that, Changes done in one module of a system has to be updated in all other modules and has to be processed by many other custom functions. Here we will first store the changes made in any module of the system as a message in kafka Brokers and then fetch and process using consumers. But in consumers, each message is processed by single thread which is very much time consuming. In order to overcome this problem, we will be using Akka Actor, which is actually a multithreading environment.Akka is a open-source framework. Applications that are concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant are developed using it. An actor is a thing that exchanges messages with other actors. Actors each have unique states and behaviours. Using Actor, we can process a single message using multiple threads so that we can process messages faster. We have made some changes in available framework and made it customizable to our need.

Keywords- Apache kafka, Akka Actor, Scalability.

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