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Premikkha S, Snega G T, Vidhya Shree A M


The Spring boot-based Task Handler System was created to handle or manage the daily tasks of an organisation. The proposed system or tool offers an online platform to carry out daily organisational tasks and providing task details to the designated user. In this project, the administrator can add new users, assign tasks to the users, update the tasks and delete tasks.

The user-friendly architecture of the proposed system has the important advantage of facilitating easy online interaction and task completion between the administrator and user. All of the resources are identified, acquired, allocated, and tracked using the online task management system.

The goal of this project's development is to create a platform where administrators may perform all kinds of tasks, including view, insert, edit, events, delete, and tracking operations. An administrator or the user of this online tool has the authority to add or change tasks. The proposed System uses Angular for developing attractive UI. The Task Handler will be developed using Spring Boot back-end using REST APIs and MySQL database.

Key Words: task management, Spring-boot, Angular, Maven, task handler

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