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Senior Citizens Privilege Card Satisfaction Level of Card Holder in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3100
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DANILO D. PASTORFIDE, MPA, LPT College of Management and Business Technology, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology Sumacab Campus, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija Philippines


Older people are important members of any society and therefore have the right to live in dignity in later life (, 2017). The research was conducted to determine the level of satisfaction of senior citizens from the benefits and privileges of the Senior Citizen’s Privilege Card and the problems encountered in availing those benefits and privileges. This study used a descriptive method of research and a total of 30 respondents in the study. Simple statistics analysis were used to analyze the data. The data showed that majority or almost all the benefits and privileges are at a highest or very satisfactory level. The problem that most card holders experience are because of not following the right process using the card.

Key Words:  Senior Citizen, Privileges Card, Benefits, Privileges


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