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Student as School Adjunct in the School Organization: Basis for Leadership Capability Enhancement
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Dennis M. Adrales Assistant Professor Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology San Isidro, Nueva Ecija


The study investigated school issues in terms of interrelationship and team working from the students’ viewpoint as partners in the system. Specifically, it tried to answer the following questions: How may the profile of the respondents be described? How may the respondents’ interrelationship and teamwork be described Is there a significant relationship between the respondents’ profile and their descriptions of interrelationship and teamworking? Is there a significant relationship between interrelationship and teamworking? Based on the result of the study, what program may be proposed to enhance students’ skills and abilities The participants of the study were the officers of the Local Student Council of six (6) campuses of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology. The respondents were college student leaders in their school organizations and were enthusiastically involved in the school activities.   There was a collaborative relationship between the students and teachers that influence and sustain the students’ motivation and improve their learning process. A friendly relationship between the students creates an atmosphere of camaraderie in working and learning and having fun together. The school environment is an ideal avenue for learning where students feel comfortable and safe by providing opportunities to improve their academic and social skills and more importantly the opportunity to grow as a person ready to face the changing world. The students regard their peers as a good influence in the fulfilment of their goals, with their assistance, help and support in their pursuits. The teacher’s effectiveness in their practices heightened the interest of the students where they can engage in the learning activities that build their knowledge and make a great difference in the learning achievement.


Key Words:  interrelationship; school environment; student-student relationship; student as school adjunct; teacher-student relationship; teamworking

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