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Study and Analysis of Formula Style Vehicle
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Sangeeth Sri Subramani S, Roshan Shandres C, Sahaya Res Mercin J


Formula Student (FS) is the proven educational motorsport competition in the world. Universities around the world are included in this challenge to design and build a single-seater racing car to compete in static and dynamic disciplines that demonstrate their knowledge and test the performance of the car. Specifically this work aims at the proper design of all respective geometries of the vehicle with proper analysis as supporting documents for the study. This work aims at producing design of components such that those can be manufactured in a feasible manner. The objective is to design a formula student vehicle with careful study and analysis of its various assemblies and related subassemblies, that will finally produce a vehicle with most possible efficiency by following proper engineering practices. This design will be such that it is a light weight design with a very efficient suspension & steering geometry. The design and analysis part will be done using software namely SolidWorks, Autodesk Fusion 360, Lotus, Ansys Workbench. This study will be such that, with the information in this report a student formula team can easily manufacture a vehicle. Keywords— Formula 4, Student Formula, Design, Analysis

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