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Study on Green Marketing in Financial and Capital Market Growth
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Dr. Bhoopendra Nath Gupta College of Finance, Management and Development, Dept. of Public Finance Management, Ethiopian Civil Service University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


In recent years, the term „green marketing‟ has risen in prominence. Green customer‟s needs are recognizedby the companies across the world and they are trying to meeting these opportunities profitably which boost FinTech, Financial and Capital Markets growth. Today protection of the environment gaining importance and it is noticed by every sector in the world. Here there is no exception for financial services sector. At present „GO GREEN‟ is the one of the important approach following by financial institutions and capital market sectors. Green approach which is adopted by the various financial and capital services includes insurance, banking, stock brokerage and consumer finance companies and so on.The study is descriptive of this research paper and the content has been collected from secondary data sources like books, journals, websites, and newspapers to discuss importance of green marketing in financial and capital market growth.

Keywords: Green Marketing, Sustainable Business Development, Financial Market, Capital Market, New trends in Financial and capital Market. 

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